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NG & Associates Announces Expansion into Intellectual Property Litigation in India


NG & Associates, a respected legal advisory firm, today announced the expansion of their services to include Intellectual Property (IP) litigation, marking a significant enhancement to their legal offerings in India. This strategic move is set to address the growing need for specialized IP legal services amidst India’s booming innovation sector.

With this expansion, NG & Associates is committed to providing robust legal solutions to protect the intellectual property rights of inventors, creators, and businesses across the nation. The firm’s new IP litigation division will be dedicated to enforcing IP rights, handling infringement cases, and navigating the complexities of IP law with a focus on delivering results and safeguarding client interests.

“We recognize the critical role of intellectual property in driving growth and competitiveness in the modern economy,” says Neha Gupta, [Position], at NG & Associates. “Our mission is to offer expert legal representation to those facing IP challenges, ensuring their innovations and creations are secure.”

About NG & Associates

NG & Associates has been at the forefront of legal services, offering expertise across various sectors, including tax law, corporate law, and now, intellectual property law. The firm’s commitment to excellence and its comprehensive approach to legal counsel have established it as a trusted partner for clients looking to protect their legal interests in India.

IP Litigation Services Include:

  • Intellectual Property Registration and Protection
  • Legal Representation in IP Infringement Cases
  • Strategy Development for IP Litigation
  • Negotiation and Settlement of IP Disputes
  • Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

NG & Associates invites interested parties to learn more about their IP litigation services by visiting https://www.ngandassociates.com/. For inquiries or to schedule a consultation, reach out via the contact information provided.

Media Contact:
Neha Gupta

NG & Associates
Email: info@ngandassociates.com
Website: https://www.ngandassociates.com/


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