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Mrs India 2024 2025 Winners Story of Crowning Glory, Ranu Sharma to write History on Mrs Tourism Queen International 2024 2025 


Mrs India Official Pageant hosted 12th Season of Mrs India by Director Deepali Phadnis a former Mrs Asia International , Twelfth Year Edition of Mrs India was hosted in Gurugram for five days where winners were Crowned amidst a glittering display of grace, poise, and talent. 

Remarkable contestant emerged victorious, earning the prestigious title and the honour of representing India on an international platform. For more details visit us on https://www.MrsIndia.Net

Mrs India Winners for 2024 2025 are Ranu Sharma, Koj Baya Eshi, Dr Vijaya Sharda Reddy and Ratna Mehra in three different age groups. 

Deepali Phadnis said Ranu Sharma , Mrs India Winner is perfect delegate to represent India on International platform ,Deepali Phadnis further said that from past twelve Years Mrs India winners are living their dream ,rein of Queen and representing India on various International platforms making India and family proud .

Ranu Sharma: Mrs India’s Tourism Queen

Ranu Sharma’s journey to the Mrs India’s crown has been nothing short of inspirational. A fierce fitness freak and avid traveller and explorer , that maker her perfect ambassador of Indian Tourism on International level .

Ranu Sharma is a software professional, mother of five is not just a ideal wife but most loved daughter in law who know how to win hearts with her charismatic personality.

Mrs India Ranu Sharma made a mark and inspired World with her inspirational weight loss story that made World realise that if you have a will you can move mountains .

Her victory in the Mrs India 2024 2025 National Pageant is a testament to her dedication, hard work, and the values she stands for.

In her acceptance speech, Ranu Sharma expressed her gratitude to the Mrs India organizers, her family, and her supporters. 

She said, “This crown is not just a symbol of beauty; it represents the dreams and aspirations of millions of young women across our nation. I am honored to have the opportunity to represent India on an international stage, and I promise to carry our rich heritage and culture with pride and grace.”

Mrs India 2024 2025’s The Road Ahead

As the newly crowned beauty queen, Ranu Sharma will now embark on a journey that will take her to the international stage. She will represent India at the upcoming Mrs Tourism Queen International Pageant hosted in Thailand, where she will compete with contestants from around the globe. Ranu Sharm’s journey will include rigorous training, grooming sessions, and numerous public appearances, all aimed at preparing her to bring home the coveted Mrs Tourism Queen International title.

Mrs India Official National Pageant has once again proven to be a platform that not only celebrates beauty but also empowers women to make a difference in society. As Ranu Sharma takes her first steps towards international acclaim, she carries with her the hopes and dreams of a nation Bharat ,India that believes in her potential to shine on the world stage.

Deepali Phadnis said The grand finale of the National Pageant was more than just a celebration of beauty; it was a testament to the power of dreams, determination, and the indomitable spirit of Indian women. As Ranu Sharma prepares to represent India internationally, we wish her all the success and glory. Her victory is a reminder that with hard work, passion, and a strong sense of purpose, anything is possible. Ranu Sharma is not just a beauty queen; she is an ambassador of hope, strength, and the incredible potential of Indian women.

For more details visit us on https://www.MrsIndia.Net

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